1. This Year

From the recording This Year

This Year is a holiday song inspired by these unprecedented times with the Covid pandemic. It is also a first co-write for Susan & Ray. The song reflects on what many families are facing. Not being able to travel and spend time with loved ones.
Recorded at the Nantucket Community Music Center studio with engineer and musician Floyd Kellog. With Susan & Ray on vocals and guitar, Floyd contributes percussion, lap steel and piano. The song is included in a compilation cd, The Longest Night of the Year, volume three, published by Hudson Harding Music. This Year is available on Spotify and most other music platforms. The song can be downloaded for free. In leu of payment we ask for those able and inclined to donate to Friends of Our Island Home at https://cfnan.org/give/give-now/named-funds/friends-of-our-island-home-fund/


This Year – By Susan J. Berman & Ray K. Saunders

Jane came home from college,
Jake rode out on the train.
John drove down from Brooklyn,
This year’s not the same.
Family celebrations,
Filled with yuletide cheer.
My folks crossed over the river
Maybe not this year.

This year, one like no other
This year we long to embrace
This year we may not be in one place
But our love comes from the heart
We’ll send our season’s greetings from afar.

Jane’s been home for months now
Classes moved online
Jake’s job was cut, John’s office is shut.
This year’s been unkind

Mom and Dad don’t venture out
Risks are too severe
Seems such a shame, it won’t be the same
Without my folks this year


How can we make spirits bright?
A card, a text, a call?
Distance at the holidays
The hardest part of all.


Finished with her finals
Jane burst out with a grin
Lets surprise grandma and grandpa
Jake and John are in.

John said he’ll sing carols
Jake will bake gingerbread
If they can’t come here for holiday cheer
We’ll bring it to them instead.

(So)Deck the cars with holly.
Over the river we’ll go.
We don’t want figgy pudding, just smiles from their window

This year one like no other
This year in brand new ways
This year we’ll go the extra mile, just to bring a smile

This year find more magic
This year we’ll spread more cheer
This year while it’s cold outside there’s warmth within our hearts
We’ll send more season’s greetings near and far.