From the recordings Nantucket Girl and Strollin' Along With You

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Strollin’ Along With You
• Susan J. Berman - Guitar & Vocals
• Ray K. Saunders - Lead Guitar
• Cadence Carroll - Backing Vocals
• Mark Dann - Bass & Sleigh Bells
• Victor Ferrantella – Percussion

As time goes on we lose loved ones and things change. It's always bittersweet especially around the holidays. This song was inspired by my journey in navigating this issue to find new traditions and enjoy the holiday season.
After my mom died I had a hard time particularly with a festive holiday weekend on Nantucket called Stroll. There are carolers, holiday decorations, festivities delicious food and of course great shopping. The idea of shopping as I had always done with my mom was too hard. I tried throwing myself into my “day job” that weekend as it was always busy. But I felt a void. Then I started to share holiday music. Playing music shifted my energy in a positive direction. A few years later when my partner Ray joined me the weekend became something to look forward to again.
I hope this song gives some solace to anyone struggling to find joy in the wake of a loss during the holiday season.


Strollin’ Along With You
By Susan J. Berman


Trees along the cobblestones decked out in Yuletide cheer,
Lights aglow in Murray’s window,
Say it’s that time of year.
My mind’s drifting to days gone by knowin’ whalers once
dwelled in this place.
A pang strikes my heart as this amble embarks,
With ghosts of Christmas Past I can’t embrace.


But I’m strollin along with you.
Strollin’ along with you
Lookin’ to the past,
Some good things don’t last,
And I’m strollin’ along with you.

Scallopers head in but with eel grass so thin takes a full day to reap the limit.
Groceries and shoes earn you red tickets,
Gotta be here Christmas Eve to win it.
Near and so dear are the strolls gone by when the master crafted his leather.
And I’d shop with mom ‘til the gifts filled our arms
so we’d stash them with George at the Atlantic.

Now I’m stollin’ along with you,
Strollin’ along with you
Feel your hand in mine,
Fragrant scent of pine,
And I’m strollin’ along with you.

Casting aside precious things that don’t bide,
As ornaments scatter in the wind.
Finding our place in this season of light,
A place where magic begins.

Strollin’ along with you,
Strollin’ along with you,
New traditions born,
Keepin’ our hearts warm,
And I’m strollin’ along with you.

Trimming the tree, singing carols with glee on Main Street ‘til we nearly freeze.
Dancing slow ‘neath the mistletoe,
Creating memories.

And as we stroll with such festive spirits there’s one thing I know to be true,
Of all the Christmas wishes I’ve ever had , the best gift of all is you.

‘Cause I’m strollin’ along with you,
Strollin’ along with you
When the Yuletide’s done and our new year’s begun
I’ll be strollin’ along with you.
I’ll be strollin along with you.