1. Not My America

From the recording Nantucket Girl

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Not My America
• Susan J. Berman – Guitar & Vocals
• Ray K. Saunders - Lead Guitar
• Mark Dann – Bass
• Cadence Carroll – Backing Vocals
• Gary Pendleton - Harmonica

As a second generation American the current administration's immigration policy angers and saddens me. This song grew out of my appreciation for the sacrifices my grandparents made for me and my outrage that refugees are being denied the safety and opportunity my grandparents were afforded.
I drew from the words of Emma Lazarus in her poem The New Colossus. This famous poem is set in the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. I also looked to our nation’s history and my own family to write this song. Yes my grandmother really did wash the laundry for the private high school that I graduated from. With this song I hope to remind listeners of why most people came to America in an effort to foster a more compassionate stance on immigration.


Not My America – By Susan J Berman


Mother of exiles bid my grandma to these shores.
Mid huddled masses she crossed through the golden door.
Washed laundry for the school where I would graduate.
Now the American dream is marred by darkness, fear and


This is not, my America
Lady Liberty, sheds a tear tonight.
This is not, my America
Hold up your torch light, stand up for what is right.

Not wretched refuse, but desperate refugees,
Fleeing broken homelands, yearning to breathe free.
Wagner – Rogers, the St. Louis, scars from the world
Never forget, never again, Bosnia and Darfur.


Our Lady of the harbor welcomes one and all
To Build a better life, a nation, not build a wall