1. Second Fiddle

From the recording Nantucket Girl

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Second Fiddle
• Susan J. Berman – Guitar & Vocals
• Mark Dann – Bass
• Sara Millonovich - Violin

There’s a special bond that happens when musicians play together. It’s something in the chords the harmony the rhythms. To do it well you have to be very in tune with each other. This song explores those bonds and equates them with those of love. While this song isn’t about a particular musician, Ray K. Saunders my partner in music and in life provided inspiration.


Second Fiddle – By Susan J. Berman
It’s been years since we played at those jam sessions
How easily the music seemed to flow
It’s been years and the songs go by too quickly
With honesty and love to help them grow
And I don’t want to be one of those two bit singers
Tryin to make my way into your heart
I don’t want to be your second fiddle baby
I don’t want to sing the blues for no one else
I don’t want to be your second fiddle baby
I just want to keep you for myself
For all the times the blues have been my savior
Or a country ballad tore my world apart
All the times our voices came together
And touched me at the bottom of my heart
Sometimes it can’t just be the lyric
But a gift that’s coming from our souls


Love songs that connect us so completely
And take me to a place I’ve never been
Harmonies that resonate my body
Some would be calling this a sin
Music with such beauty and such passion
Maybe it’s a force from up above
Rocking me right down to my foundation
Who’s to say that we’re not making love