From the recording Nantucket Girl

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My Morning Cup of Joe
• Susan J. Berman – Guitar & Vocals
• Mark Dann – Bass

If you know me you know I love coffee! One of my early songwriting mentors advised me to look for inspiration in things I feel passionate about. Hence this song came to be. It also has double entendres, something I also enjoy including in my songs.


My Morning Cup of Joe
(Verse 1)
It’s the scene of the crime,
It’s the morning after,
Dishes are piled,
I can still feel your laughter,
We didn’t sleep,
But were not countin’ sheep,
Ya know. Oh…

Flip the switch and brew it nice and slow,
Oh… my mornin’ cup of Joe.

(Verse 2)
Well I can’t deny,
I was one of the culprits,
Too much merlot,
And an old vintage box set.
My head is ringing,
But soon I’ll be singing,
Ya know. Oh…


It always makes me dream about,
That one thing I can’t live without
Don’t need no cream or sugar for this brew.
I just can’t get enough of it,
I fall in love with every sip,
So strong, so bold, so rich, robust and smooth.

(Verse 3)
Let’s forget about time
And just savor the moment.
Linger with one more,
Hot cup of enjoyment.
Let the world stop,
I just need one last drop,
Of you. Oooh…