From the recording Nantucket Girl

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Stuck on the River
• Susan J. Berman – Guitar & Vocals
• Mark Dann – Bass
• Cadence Carroll – Backing Vocals
• Sara Millonovich - Violin

Before moving to Nantucket year round I lived on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. At one point I was feeling “stuck.” My life seemingly wasn’t moving forward. One day I looked out on the bay and saw an oil barge that got stuck near the mouth of the Choptank River. At the time I felt a bond with that vessel which was stuck there for days. It inspired this song. Shortly after that I moved to Nantucket.


Stuck on the River – by Susan J. Berman
Feel the river rushing, I’m not swept up by the tide
I’ve fallen out of favor, and there ain’t no place to hide
Can’t keep up, can’t swim upstream, can’t slow the water down
Maybe I should give up, maybe I should drown
I’m waiting for safe harbor, some shelter from this storm
Please don’t make me wait too much, I can’t take anymore

Cause I’m stuck on the river and the water’s rushing by
Feel the tide is rising and there ain’t no time to cry
When you’re stuck on the river and no hand is coming through
No one seems to notice and you don’t know what to do
Water keeps on passing, a freighter, a canoe
I can’t bear to mention, my friends and loved one’s too
Swept up with a purpose, and flowing with the tide
I wish that they could see me here, but still I have my pride
Waiting, hoping wanting, I’ll get back in the fray
Find a gentle current to wash this pain away
Pressure’s keeps on rising, I don’t want to leave this shoal
And risk the wrath of currents, over those I don’t control
All the dreams I had, of just swimming with the tide
They said it could be easy, I know now that they lied
All the times I’ve asked you, I know I haven’t drown
You’ve always given me enough, enough can’t help me now
w/ last lines - I wish I still believed in all those things I thought I knew (2X)