From the recording Nantucket Girl

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Where Are You Driving Me Tonight?
• Susan J. Berman – Guitar & Vocals
• Mark Dann – Bass
• Cadence Carroll – Backing Vocals
• Guy Fischetti – Pedal Steel Guitar

Sometimes songs take on a life of their own. This is one of those songs. I set out to write a cathartic song about an ex boyfriend. I wanted to write about how I kicked him to the curb. The song took me in a different direction. In the song I look beyond the things that weren’t working and remember why I loved him. I like that ending better.
Nantucket is a small island, less than 40 square miles. I found that I couldn’t finish this “driving” song here. It wasn’t until I took an off island road trip that I was able to complete this song. Perhaps it was the driving and/or the distance that allowed me to find this kinder ending.


Where Are You Driving Me Tonight?
By Susan J. Berman

Well I stepped out of my car,
And I climbed into your truck.
The roaring of the engine,
Told me things could sure get rough.
We rode along that highway,
And you sang my favorite song.
I chimed in with harmony,
Seemed nothing could go wrong.

But where are you driving me tonight?
Your big old Chevrolet is out of sight.
I’ve been waiting by the phone,
Feeling so alone,
Oh where are you driving me tonight?

Are you stuck along some highway,
Tryin’ to hitch a ride?
Or could it be another girl,
Is riding at your side?
I hope you’re being faithful,
And I hope that you are safe,
And I hope you know not knowing,
Is what makes my heart just break.


We’re both riding on this rocky road, but you’re the one who steers.
Cause every time I take the wheel I crash into my fears.
Is there anyone else who thinks I’m pretty?
Is there anyone else who can see me through my tears?
Is there anyone else out there who’ll take me as I am
With all these years.

(instrumental) chorus chords

So I let you keep on driving,
This old chevy feels like home.
Through the tinted windows,
And the newly polished chrome.
Yeah, the ride gets rocky,
And I’d like a slower pace,
But all that seems to fade away,
Each time I see your face.