From the recording Nantucket Girl

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I’ve Never Tasted Love
• Susan J. Berman – Guitar & Vocals
• Ray K. Saunders - Lead Guitar

I had SO much fun writing this song. My grandma always said, “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach!” Perhaps I took that too literally. I became an avid baker and at one point owned and operated a bakery. If an attractive man came into my bakery I’d often find myself thinking, “If he likes my pies perhaps??...” This song was born out of those thoughts and the love/food, food/love connection that’s plays such a vital role in many great romances.


I’ve Never Tasted Love
By Susan J. Berman

(Verse 1)
Sometimes it is spicy,
Sometimes it is so sweet.
Sometimes it’ll fill you up,
Sometimes it’s just a treat.
Sometimes it leaves you hungry,
Sometimes you can’t take more,
But I’ve never tasted love like this before.

(Verse 2)
Sometimes it’s a juicy fruit,
You peel to get inside.
Sometimes it’s an onion,
That just makes you want to cry.
Sometimes it’s like an apple,
Rotten right down to the core,
But I’ve never tasted love like this before.

Kisses sweet like honey, wets my appetite all day.
Hugs that melt like butter, we could make some flambé.
Caresses rich and creamy, with a cherry on the top,
Satisfies me more than pies or fries you know I just can’t stop.

(Verse 3)
You can bake it in the oven,
You can fry it in a pan.
You can slow cook it, barbeque it,
Wrap it all up in Saran.
You can serve the homemade kind,
Or you can buy it at the store,
But I’ve never tasted love like this before.

(Repeat Bridge)

(Verse 4)
Sometimes you gotta heat it up,
Sometimes you eat it raw.
Sometimes you let it simmer,
And sometimes it’s gotta thaw.
Sometimes it’s just so good,
You want to lick it off the floor,
But I’ve never tasted love like this before

No I’ve never tasted love like this before.